Latest Models 2024

We are proud to announce the latest additions to the award winning Alvarez collection for 2024

What’s New in Masterworks 2024

An expanded lineup with extra Parlor, Grand Auditorium and OM models. More Rosewood, brand new features and an even better fit and finish… and an innovative new pick-up system!

Masterworks 2024 offers 26 carefully designed, responsive guitars, each meticulously crafted to achieve a new level of sonic and aesthetic quality.

We’ve further embraced East Indian Rosewood, and the series now offers 10 Rosewood models including several new Grand Auditorium, Parlor and OM choices. We’re introducing a brand-new level we call Masterworks Custom. Custom is a feature-rich offering with twin bevels for optimal playing comfort on both front and back. You’ll also find Paua Abalone purfling, a flawless Shadowburst finish, sleek cutaway, and a very special pickup.

Introducing HiFi, a brand-new system from LR Baggs

  • Non-invasive installation
  • Exceptional balance & definition
  • Unique Dynamics and Response
  • Doesn’t alter acoustic tone of your guitar
  • Superb acoustic reproduction with a little HiFi
  • Great feedback resistance

HiFi is a premium, non-invasive design that pairs dual bridge plate sensors with high-fidelity electronics and a studio grade pre-amp for exceptional dynamics, definition and tonal reproduction of your guitar.

Masterworks ‘24 also sports a new level of fit and finish from further refinement in our sanding and painting processes, resulting in sharper lines, a thinner yet more beautiful finish and a flawless clearcoat. All contribute to producing a stunning new line-up which is even more rewarding to play.

What’s New in Artist Elite 2024

Three brand new models, upgraded components, more rosewood, and a brand-new EQ system from LR Baggs.

Offering a custom vibe with exotic woods and features, our new Artist Elite series creates its own class in solid-top acoustic guitars. The 2024 lineup welcomes a Bass and Baritone offering, both made from Sitka and Rosewood with bevel armrests and a stunning new gloss finish. Favorite models remain in the lineup with the addition of a new Rosewood Grand Auditorium, and fingerboards, bridges and headstock facias are upgraded to Rosewood throughout. The 2024 line up also introduces a brand-new EQ System from LR Baggs, the StagePro Bronze.

StagePro Bronze is a stylish, low-profile, small-footprint system with a large backlit tuner powered by LR Baggs’ Element™ under-saddle pickup. Features include bass, treble, phase and a click-to-open battery box in the end pin console for quick and easy battery changes.

What’s new in Artist Series 2024

We raise the bar again in Artist 2024 with a wide range of new Rosewood models, a new finish level, and sonic refinements, and our acoustic electric models are now fitted with the new LR Baggs StagePro Bronze.

Embracing Rosewood is a common theme throughout the whole Alvarez 2024 line, and this continues with eight beautiful new Artist Series Rosewood guitars in Grand Auditorium, OM, Parlor and Classical body shapes. Our new Artist series demonstrates our commitment to creating sonically dynamic guitars no matter of their cost, and this 2024 offering is our best work to date.

New models such as the AG60ce 12-String Black, AF70e Folk/OM, AF70ce Shadowburst and AG75ce Grand Auditorium exhibit the beauty and tonal benefits of premium Rosewood laminates when partnered with a lively and stable soundbox, helping produce solid-top instruments that punch well above their weight in tonal reach and response.