Truly eloquent professional guitars

Making a guitar from all-solid wood delivers strong tonal benefits. Our Masterworks Series embraces all of them.

Top thickness, brace weight and tapering, back design and wood choice all count, and when each is considered as a part of the sum total of the instrument’s voice, great articulation and quality of tone is achieved.

Masterworks Guitars are known for their powerful voicing, inspiring articulation and instant response. This is achieved through our FS6 bracing system, which helps generate more vibration, heightened by AAA soundboards and premium components throughout.

Masterworks acoustic-electric models are fitted with the LR Baggs HiFi system—a premium, non-invasive design that pairs dual bridge plate sensors with high-fidelity electronics for exceptional balance, definition and dynamics.

Masterworks are in every respect a truly designed guitar series, from tone to finish to response and playability.