ALVAREZ Yairi Series

Handcrafted beauty and excellence

1932 – 2014

The late Kazuo Yairi was one of the finest and most successful luthiers of our time. He helped design and make Alvarez-Yairi guitars for nearly 50 years.

The Yairi factory lies in the small town of Kani, nestled in the hills north of Nagoya, Japan. Here they have been making guitars for over 80 years.

The factory radiates its legacy of master craftsmanship the moment you step inside. Floors are made of mahogany, with walls built of rosewood tongue and groove, and the furniture itself is hand carved by the luthiers. The amount of naturally seasoned tonewood is legendary and the production line marries time-honored, handmade craftsmanship with modern-day design and processes.

Every neck is spoke shaved by hand, braces are carved and tops are tuned to perfection. The attention to detail and quality of the build are impeccable.

Alvarez Yairi guitars are beautifully presented, wonderful sounding, luthier-made instruments, which in our opinion are some of the finest guitars in today’s market.

“I am incredibly proud to own a DYMR70SB and there isn’t a day goes by when I don’t pick it up. Before this point I had never thoroughly understood what people meant about finding the ‘one’ when it came to instruments, for me this was especially the case with acoustic guitars, but I get it now. The Alvarez Yairi Masterworks DYMR70SB is that one and no acoustic guitar I have played before or since has compared to it”